BLOG/REVIEW:  The Depths Of My Soul, Charles L. Chatmon, Jr., Author/Poet


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Review Date:  December 8, 2006




After receiving my autographed copy of "The Depths of My Soul" by Author Charles L. Chatmon, Jr., I read it straight through.  From the beginning as I read this book, I felt as if I was drinking every word.  When I got to the last page, the last word…my thirst had been quenched.  Below is a verse from "The Depths of My Soul," which is one of my favorite poems in this book:


A Lady Who Cares

Should tragedy come rushing with sorrow, grief

like a true heart, my lady brings much relief

some say she doesn't care, all she wants is dollar signs

but my lady does care, wanting nothing but my mind.


"Mental Seduction" was also a magnificent poem that I enjoyed reading from this book.  "The Voices of South Central" is another collection of original poems written by Charles L. Chatmon, Jr.  This brilliant Author is currently working on another book.  To learn more about him and for information on how you can purchase his books, please go to his website.


Charles stated, "It has a collection of poems that talk about love, the ups and downs, the heartbreaks and joy of romance and life.  In the introduction, a character named The Observer guides the reader in both the Depths of Romance and Society.  "The Depths of Romance" have verses including "A Message to Black Women," "How Can I Please You?", "Mental Seduction" and the title of the book, "The Depths of My Soul."  "The Depths of Society" deals with social commentary ranging from all subjects dealing with past and present social issues.  You'll find poems such as "The Fire Still Burns," "Pay Me, Mr. President," and "I Am A Man."  For those of you who ever wondered what a man thinks coming from his heart, his soul, The Depths invites you to embark on a journey you shall never forget."


About Charles L. Chatmon:  Charles is a native of Los Angeles, California and has been writing since his days in junior high school. Over the years, Charles has written for his high school newspaper, as well as college and community periodicals. He has recited his poetry in venues ranging from coffeehouses to book fairs and expos over the years. In 2001, Charles wrote his first book of poetry, The Depths of My Soul via Milligan Books, and two years later returned with another book of verses entitled The Voices of South Central.


Charles explains that his writings are from the 'heart of a man', to present a different view on subjects such as love, racism, loneliness, and inspiration to assist his fellow man really think what's going on in the world and how things can be improved. Not bad for someone who once read his poems at age 17 in front of a YMCA camp during campfire - and realizing from that point on he was on his way through his journey through life in a literary sense.  To learn more about this brilliant Author/Poet, please visit his website at



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