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Avis Pope is a humanitarian, an advocate for the homeless, as well as an inspirational writer.  She describes herself as a powerful woman who is a positive thinker, caring, loyal, persistent, and ambitious.  She has one daughter whom she loves dearly.  Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Avis is the youngest child out of a large family.


She is known as Angel Avis because she loves helping others, which inspired her to create Avis Cares and Homeless We Care.  Avis created the Homeless We Care Challenge to encourage people to do a kind deed for the homeless or homeless pets.  Please like Homeless We Care on Facebook and follow Homeless We Care on Twitter.  Avis created these social media profiles to bring more awareness to issues surrounding the homeless. 


She is a proud volunteer at Valley Restart, which is a family-oriented shelter and resource center for the homeless.  Learn more about Valley Restart at www.ValleyRestart.info.  Show your support by following the Twitter profiles for Valley RestartAvis Pope Cares, and Purpose Leaders.  These profiles shine a positive light on caring leaders who are volunteers, help the homeless, help veterans, help homeless pets or abused animals, improve the environment, and more.  She has compassion, and strives to do as much as she can to help others. 


Avis enjoys helping others promote their businesses.  She loves attending networking events, business expos, car shows, cultural events, and social networking.  She writes positive quotes to inspire others.  Email Avis at:  Avis@AvisPope.com


Favorite quote by T. D. Jakes:  "As you travel beyond your limitations, you will meet new people. These people are ushers who are placed at various stations in your life to enlarge you and assist you in developing beyond your meager horizons.  They assist you in maximizing your life, loves, and interest.  Do not ignore them.  They are God's messengers.  They are often used to open doors, expedite processes, ensure safe passage, and neutralize your fears as you travel this brief tour of the planet we call earth."




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